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klear guard cleaning solutionsEPA-approved chemical products for ware wash, laundry services and maintenance supplies.

  • Laundry - Ask about our programs that includes detergents, sizing, sours, destainers, emulsifiers and rinses.
  • Warewash - Many products for all types of dish machines. Machines are also available for purchase or lease. Our results speak for themselves.
  • Cleaners - Degreasers, All-purpose cleaners, stainless steel cleaners, oven cleaners, fryer cleaners, window cleaners, bowl cleaners, disinfectants and more. Some available in RTU aerosols and sprays, and others in concentrates.
  • foodservice cleaning suppliesSupplies - We offer scour pads, stainless pads, grill screens, grill bricks, scrapers, gloves, brooms, mops, spray bottles, squeegees, pails, test strips and much more.