Products & Brands


foodservice cheeseComplete line of milk, egg, cheese and dairy products, including an extensive line of domestic and imported cheese products.

  • Cheese - Our domestic selection includes cheese from Ohio, Vermont and Wisconsin. We also offer imported cheeses from France, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain and many more countries.
  • Eggs - From farm to table, your choices include whole, pasteurized, whole liquid, yolks, hard-cooked, cholesterol-free and many more.
  • Yogurt - Cups or Bulk, flavored or plain, many options are available.
  • dairy cheeseIce Cream - The sweetest, creamiest selection in foodservice. Includes a wonderful selection of flavors available in tubs, novelties, gelatos and sorbets.
  • Liquid Dairy - Included in this vast line are whole milk, 2% milk, fat-free milk, heavy cream, aerosol cream, half and half, shelf stable, etc. Portion control product is offered as well.
  • Butter and Spreads - Our wide assortment includes AA grade butter, butter substitutes, decorative butters, blends, liquids, portion control and more.
  • Prepared Salads - We use the freshest ingredients in our coleslaws, potato salads, tuna salads, chicken salads, bean salads, pasta salads, egg salads, grain salads and others too numerous to list.
  • Other Refrigerated - Not to be forgotten is sour cream, dairy substitutes, horseradish, humus, fresh cooked potatoes, pickles, olives, etc.