Products & Brands


  • natural pakCanned Fruits/Vegetables- Our line is vast, our quality is excellent and our yields are high.  Compare with our competition and the savings are obvious. Ask about our full line of health care items as well.
  • Condiments - Our line-up includes portion control, table top and bulk.  In stock is ketchup, mustard, horseradish, steak sauce, 13 BBQ sauces, hot sauce, Worcestershire sauce, cocktail sauce, tartar sauce and more.
  • Shortenings/Oils/Vinegars - We have a wide assortment of frying oils, sauté blends, olive oils, salad oils, trans-fat free oils, balsamic glazes, aged vinegars and many more.
  • Dressings/Mayonnaise - Most available in portion control, gallons and bulk.  Whether it’s chunky blue cheese, oriental sesame, or another of over 50 varieties, we have the right dressing for salads, dips, glazes and ingredients.
  • blazin red hot sauceSpices - Don’t let old, stale spices ruin today’s recipes.  Our spice selection from around the world offers high oil content, great yield and full bodied flavor. We do not believe spices should be an afterthought, and neither should you.
  • Cookies/Crackers - We have a delightful array of crackers perfect with any topping, available in bulk, portions and assorted packs. Fill those sweet cravings with one of many varieties of cookies offered in bulk or portion packs.
  • Ethnic - A complete line of Mexican, Asian and Italian groceries is stocked to meet the ever changing palates of restaurant customers.  A diverse selection of salsas, sauces, stir fry veggies, pastas, and more are in stock today. 
  • Pasta/Rice/Dry Beans - Over 60 pastas including some gluten-free.  We offer jasmine, Arborio, basmati and wild rice, Infused rice, rice blends and traditional white, pilaf and more. Not to be forgotten are dried beans, polenta, quinoa and cous cous.
  • Specialty - If your needs are imported goods we carry hearts of palm, artichokes, capers, escargot, anchovies, coconut milk, kalamata olives, peppadew peppers and many more.
  • Other - Not listed, but not forgotten are baking supplies, pickles, jellies, jams, cereals and bar mixes.