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MarketSource Produce

Marketsource produce"Only the freshest, highest quality."

Strict Quality Assurance Standards: For receiving and delivering fresh produce.

Temperature Controlled Coolers:
Ensure the highest quality of our produce items.

Daily Deliveries:
Direct from all major growing regions in North America and in season from Ohio and Michigan.

Over 400 fruits and vegetables stocked daily.

Exotic fruits and vegetables:
From dragon fruit to pea shoots.

The Industry's Highest Inventory Turns:
Equals the freshest products on the market

Processed Produce

"We've done the work for you."

veggie trayProduct Uniformity: An important benefit where uniform plate presentation is demanded.

Consistent Supply, Quality, Price:
Market Source produce offers relative stability on a year-round basis.

Portion Control & Consistent Yield:
Operators can expect a certain number of portions per bag, with little variance on a year-round basis

Reduced Waste:
With fresh-cut produce, there are no bulk trimmings that need to be disposed. In addition, the products are economically packaged in poly bags and cardboard cartons that reduce packaging waste as well.

Reduced Storage Space:
Economical packaging takes up less space in the cooler and results in easier inventory control.

Reduced Deliveries:
Value-added items take minimum cooler space, are packaged for maximum shelf life, and are easy to forecast and inventory. As a result, delivery frequency may be reduced, along with the associated costs.

Reduced Training Requirements:
Market Source produce is ready to use, with little or no preparation instruction required.

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