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NorthShore Seafood

northshore seafood

  • Largest and most consistent supply of Fresh seafood.
  • Temperature-controlled processing plant maintains optimum environment for freshness.
  • Continuous sanitation inspection well above both HACCP and USDA government standards.
  • Global sourcing and purchasing program.
  • temperature controlled packaging.
  • Portion Control - all products cut to order.
  • Daily monitoring of global changes, trends, new products and techniques.


Our carefully selected sources are truly specialists. Most often these suppliers concentrate in only one or two products. NorthShore Seafood is inspected upon arrival at our door and we do not hesitate to refuse any product not up to the NorthShore standards. Being fully HACCP approved, we go beyond the standard measures required by law to bring NorthShore into a league of their own in the seafood handling industry.


Daily deliveries of fresh seafood guarantee the freshest seafood available. Hand processed within hours of arrival, all NorthShore seafood is handled in 33 degree temperatures, and this ensures the utmost in safety as well as quality when it comes to your operation. NorthShore also proudly offers a fresh frozen list weekly for those customers unable to handle fresh fish.

food service seafood


Every day NorthShore Seafood arrives at our door. That means the freshest possible fish in distribution. We handle over 75 species of fresh fish and shell-fish. These varieties are delivered to us from all corners of the world daily, coming from such places as Honolulu, New Zealand and the New England Coastline.


Our team of seafood processing experts is able to process your needs to exact specifications, upon request; we can fill almost any of your fresh seafood needs. This highly skilled team of seafood handlers takes pride in their workmanship…and in NorthShore Seafood it shows!


NorthShore Seafood arrives at your door in the safest, most sanitary, temperature controlled packaging available today. Our tuppers are sanitary and are used only once, unlike our competitors, we go to the extra expense of high-end containers, corrugations and ice packing to ensure that our premium seafood gets to you in perfect condition.

NorthShore Frozen Seafood

  • Over 30 years of procurement experience
  • Long-standing relationship with the highest quality suppliers
  • Continuous and consistent supply
  • Truckload purchasing capabilities ensuring market competitiveness
  • Multiple cold storage facilities(3) for peak season purchasing
  • Most exotic and innovative lineup of commodity and value-added frozen seafood products