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Pan Seared Sea Scallops on a Rosemary Skewer

30 U/10 North Shore Super Jumbo Dry Sea Scallops
10 MarketSource Rosemary Skewers
4 Large red peppers, fire roasted, peeled and seeded
1 C Heavy Cream
2 Cloves garlic, roasted
TT Salt & Pepper
Season Scallops with salt and pepper.
Place 3 scallops on each rosemary skewer and pan sear until evenly browned.
Combine red peppers and garlic in food processor - puree leaving slightly chunky.
Add to small saucepan with heavy cream and reduce by 1/3.
Adjust seasoning - serve skewer over sauce on service plate.
For Appetizer use only 1 scallop on small skewer.