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Roman Style Pork Tenderloin Roulade, Marchand de Vin

1 pound Fresh Pork tenderloin
½ LB Prosciutto, thinly sliced
½ LB Mel-O-Age Provolone, sliced
½ LB Country Manor Double smoked bacon (18-22)
1/4 C Bocelli Roman Olive Oil
2 T Fresh garlic, minced
3 T Fresh basil, chopped
2 T Fresh Oregano, chopped
1 T Fresh thyme, chopped
1 T Milled cracked black pepper
Square off tapered end of tenderloin and butterfly lengthwise to 3 times original width.
Pound lightly to flatten.
Rub one side of meat with olive oil and garlic.
Combine herbs and sprinkle over meat evenly.
Lay prosciutto over meat covering completely.
Repeat with provolone.
Roll tightly and wrap with bacon.
Bake in a 375*F oven until bacon is crisp.
Remove and allow to rest 10 minutes prior to slicing.
Serve with Sauce Marchand de Vin.