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Shrimp and Chilies with Sherry Sauce

1.5 # 16/20 P&D Shrimp, thawed
1 C Baker Boy A-P flour
1.5 tsp Salt
0.5 C Peanut oil
3 ea. Green chilies (jalapeno), seeded & cut into matchstick strips (1”x 1/8”)
0.5 C Dry Sherry wine
1 T Shrimp stock
0.25 oz. Fresh baby field greens
1 T MarketSource fresh parsley, chopped
Season shrimp with salt
Coat shrimp evenly with flour (shake to remove excess flour)
Heat oil in skillet over medium heat
Add shrimp and toss about in the pan cooking for about 3-4 minutes (firm and lightly browned)
Add jalapenos tossing to incorporate
Drain off excess oil so pan is nearly dry
Deglaze with sherry wine, flambé
Add shrimp stock reduce slightly
Arrange greens in middle of plate
Arrange shrimp around and over greens
Spoon chilies and pan juices over shrimp and greens
Serve immediately
Serves 4-6 people