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Premium Brands


Let us do the baking! Fully baked frozen cookies, just thaw & serve. Perfect for areas without a preparation area, kitchen or oven. Annie’s Ice Cream is great for shakes, sundaes and dessert bars.

Beacon Hill

Whether your serving 4 or 4,000, Beacon Hill, Royal Pacific & Concierge brands are the highest quality hors d’ouevres in the industry, each individually hand-made, by chefs for chefs, using only the freshest premium ingredients in a variety of unique shapes, exquisite flavors and distinctive textures.

Blazin Red

From the heart of Cajun country since 1910. Supreme flavor. Extreme savings. Pepper and spice, Blazin Red tastes twice as nice, for half the price. Just one pour and they’ll be back for more.


Providing customers with the highest quality extra-virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegars in the world for the very best price.

California Red

We have prided ourselves on sourcing the very best quality tomato products available. Through the years, our company has always maintained the commitment to quality first, resulting in consistent superior tomato flavor. Packed from fresh California tomatoes, not from concentrate. Products to meet the demands of every need - scratch cooking, speed-scratch cooking and ready-to-use convenience.


Give your foods the finest taste by using our complete line of high quality liquid shortenings: soybean,soybean blends, canola, peanut. Quality, stability, durability & zero trans fats to meet all of the frying needs for the professional chef.

Country Kettle

Ready-to-use soups using the most wholesome and natural ingredients define the Country Kettle standard of quality first. Our soups are simmered to perfection with farm-fresh vegetables, gourmet spices and herbs from around the world and other exceptional ingredients to please even the most discerning guests.

Country Sun

Our butter flavored cooking oils adds delicious butter flavor to everything you make, and perform exceptionally in high-heat cooking conditions like grilling and sautéing. Unlike butter or margarine, they don’t need to be refrigerated or clarified. They also make excellent sauces and  marinades and do not contain any water, so there is no waste. With zero-trans options available, and a price that's almost half the cost of butter, our butter flavored oils offer industry leading quality, cost and performance.

Four Seasons

Make your dessert sales profitable with an extraordinary line of high quality gourmet desserts, luscious cakes, miniature pastries & cookies and imported catering shells.

Garden Chef (Green)

Garden Chef extensive potato line fits a variety of tastes and menus - morning, noon and night. From crisp, golden hash browns to rich and creamy mashed potatoes. Made from #1 grade Russets, Garden Chef potatoes are always deliciously fresh, firm and moist - never soggy, like frozen. State-of-the-art processing ensures optimum freshness for every potato product. Partial cooking seals in rich, authentic flavor.

Le Pan Europa

Specializing in hand-crafted breads, made fresh and flash frozen, from scratch using the highest quality ingredients. In addition to crusty European-style breads, Le Pan Europa makes soft-crusted sandwich, specialty sandwich, dinner rolls and specialty breads, along with a wide range of fully baked croissants.

Market Square Bakery

Our bakers rely on slow-batch mixing --something few others do-- to keep our quality at its highest, and our flavor as delicious as in our tradition of over 100 years of baking, deli-breads, rolls, subs & buns.

Natural Pak

A leading brand of mayonnaise, salad dressings, vinaigrettes and sauces.  We combine the finest possible ingredients in the most distinctive dressing recipes resulting in a complete line of signature dressings.  With distinctive flavor profiles such as aged balsamic & white balsamic vinaigrettes, fat-free dressings, asian-inspired flavors and North Shore seafood sauces. Your customers will swear you made them from scratch.

Que Grande

Various authentic Mexican & Southwest specialties, including tortillas, fresh salsa, picante-style salsa & chips, all recognized for outstanding taste and consistent quality.

Royal Club - Java Blue

Coffee of distinction. A wide selection of exciting and flavorful coffee blends offer that “just roasted” freshness. We use only the finest quality beans from the world’s leading coffee producing countries, Kenya, Guatemala, Brazil, Columbia & Hawaii, roasting them to the peak of perfections. We have always been passionate about coffee; the end result is always an exceptional cup of coffee.

Royal Glaacen

Providing gelato & sorbet to the service industry guaranteed to impress your guests and increase your bottom line. Our gelato creates a new experience for ice cream lovers with the fresh cream, a minimal overrun and the finest flavorings. Sorbets are made with only fresh fruit, puree, pulp, water & sugar. The result is a texture and flavor that cleanses the palate and delights the senses.

San Marco

San Marco is the market leader in food service “Italian Specialties” with over 100 popular items that meet the demands of consumer popularity, operator profitability, preparation flexibility, culinary creativity & menu versatility. Authentic Italian specialties include frozen pre-cooked & raw pasta products, premium pasta sauces, cheeses, California sun-dried and roasted tomatoes, dry and gourmet homestyle pasta, ultra-thin pizza crusts, a wide variety of meatballs, sausage, pizza toppings and other “unique” offerings.

San Marco Venezia

An exceptional line of filled pasta using the age-old methods of rolled and sheeted pasta making. Each ravioli is a work of art. Our plump fillings are hand-prepared & blended together, not pureed and enclosed in a thin tender dough. We believe we have the highest ratio of filling to pasta in the industry. The flavors and textures enable our pasta to stand alone without complex sauces.

Swiss Royale

Whether it's dishing out a cool treat on a hot summer's day or serving up decadent dessert at the end of a meal, award-winning Swiss Royale Ice Cream can make any day special. We offer a wide range of unique products and flavors including our signature ice cream, NSA ice cream, sherbet and novelty products so no matter what the occasion, Swiss Royale has the perfect ice cream solution.


Pastry chef inspired collection of decadent pastries. First, we start with the finest ingredients - grade A butter, heavy cream, rich cream cheese, whole eggs and the highest quality European chocolates. Delicious cakes & tortes, mouth-watering brownies, dessert bars, gourmet cookies and, of course, everybody's favorite - cheesecakes.

Wild West Barbeque

Fire up your taste buds, it's time for the Wild West line of barbecue sauces. With several taste profiles to choose from, Traditional, Sweet, & Smokey, Wild West has your ribs, chicken and burgers covered.