Consultative Services

handshakeProduct Specialists

Available for Meat, Seafood, Produce, Disposables, Equipment and Supplies, Beverage, Chemicals and Premium Brands, our specialists have many years of experience and knowledge in food service

Corporate Chef

Our chef is available for consultation, menu development and product demonstration

Marketing Publications

Bi-monthly, weekly and seasonal marketing fliers are published to assist with new products and ideas for your menu

OrderPro Web

Customers can utilize Northern Haserot's order entry/inventory software programs for their operation

Menu Development

With our chef's participation, Northern Haserot assists operators with questions and conceptual design of menus

Annual Food Shows

food showDynamic Food Expo in the spring and a beautifully-presented Holiday Show in the fall, afford customers great savings and new ideas.

Product Demonstrations

Whether at our facility or at the customer's place of business, Northern Haserot customizes product demonstrations

Advantage Plus

Our customized partnership program is unique to each customer